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Layne’s Calling the newest rock and alt-rock sensation from Louisville Ky, stormed onto the scene in late 2018 with their release on “Not Well”. Since then the band has geared up for their debut Self Titled E.P. Release. Joey the bands lead vocalist spent 15 years playing guitar before transition to vocalist with his first release being “Not Well’ and garnering attention from 434 Management and Pavement Entertainment and some different media agencies Joey then decided to put together what is known today as Layne’s Calling to help create and release for their debut E.P After putting together a star studded line up of members such as Rich Brown, Brandon Smith, Matt Harvey, and Nate Woods, Layne’s Calling would be quick to make a name for themselves not only in the local music scene but nationally as well. Having already played some huge shows with some of todays heavy hitters, and with Rich and Nate being no strangers to the music business as both have toured with national acts such as FLAW and KNOCKED LOOSE, the band would finally wrap up production on their debut E.P in the spring of 2020. Layne’s Calling is looking to bring a new but oh so familiar rock sound back and are quickly proving why they are here to stay as they topped the number one rock band spot on the reverbnation charts not only locally but regionally as well within only a week of being on reverb and were also signed to a distribution deal by Pavement Entertainment just three days after their first release.

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Layne's Calling

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Joey Cox
Lead Vocals
Mad Mike Calvert
Matt Harvey

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